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Basic Module /Animal’s register, birth/

With this module you create an electronic Personal Card for each animal on you farm. You keep track of the purchased animals – gender, breed, ear brand, selection number, etc. Also you can report details about the PARENTS and NEWBORNS .
$282.62 per 1 year(s) $221.58 per 1 year(s)


With this component you can track and report animals' weight. It is possible connection between the software and electronic scale for receiving data automatically.
$89.31 per 1 year(s) $56.52 per 1 year(s)


The program allows farmers to track and reflect data from everyday recurring activities such as animal dairy.
$89.31 per 1 year(s) $56.52 per 1 year(s)

RD portal

In the RD portal, every farmer could find the most needed animal or reproductive material. Beside searching, any farmer could post his own animals and their reproductive material, which are for sell or rent /in natural insemination/.
$157.14 per 1 day(s) $111.92 per 1 day(s)


With this component you are able to track and record the periods of oestrus of each female, respectively the fertilization/ insemination of the male. All of the recorded information is monitored in chronological order.
$89.31 per 1 year(s) $56.52 per 1 year(s)


Detailed coverage of the origin of the animals under selective control up to the 3d line/pedigree/ and more .
$89.31 per 1 year(s) $56.52 per 1 year(s)