FermaWEB Cost Price

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FermaWEB Cost Price includes - Individual Card + Birth + Life cycle + Production +Pedigree + Inventory + Weighing + Feeding + Milking + Warehouse + Cost price + Costs centers + Management information + Plan lists & Calendar + List reports + Different types of reports or documents + export in Excel
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With FermaWEB Cost Price you can :

  • Creating an Individual/Personal card of each animal in your farm / newborn or purchased/- gender, breed, ear tag, selection number, etc.
  • Report every birth at the farm-parents and details about the newborn.
  • Keep track of each animal life cycle-growth phases, physical condition, group/ herd, location, etc.
  • Report and track production; Milk and meat cost and price.
  • Detailed coverage of the origin of the animals under selective control up to the 3d line/pedigree/ and more
  • Automatically and periodically “counting” of  the herds.
  • Weigh of the animals - periodical monitoring and control of animals’ weight.
  • Report  the animals feeding by groups/ herds. The program enables you to fill rations/ menus  in advance, following the appropriate recipes  / with quantities and unit price/.
  • Track and reflect data from everyday recurring activities such as animal dairy. You are able to make detailed description of quantity, milk bath/ tank, person in charge, etc. So the program generates reports about extracted animals’ milk.
  • Track stocks and movements of goods, materials, produce, feed, medication, raw materials, etc. You can record and write  items with prices and quantities at the current moment, but only on stock receipts or on invoices. You are able to track and reflect payments, issue stock receipts or invoices.
  • Track the cost efficiency of crops.
  • Keep track of cost by groups and animals – automatically calculates direct cost, revenue from production, growth and newborns, estimated gross profit.
  • Make COSTS CENTERS by animals and groups/ herds and generates automatic management reports.
  • Creation of  Plan-lists for planning of  daily manipulations and activities. 
  • Creation of List reports
  • Different types of reports or documents for all of the carried out activities  are generated automatically /possibly with prices and quantities/. Every Package of FermaWEB enables the export in Excel.
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