FermaWEB Demo

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This Package includes - Individual Card + Birth + Life cycle/Rotation + Production +Pedigree + Inventory + Weighing + Feeding + Milking + Export in Excel + Documents & reports /automatically generated/
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With FermaWEB Demo you can:

  • Creating an Individual/Personal card of each animal in your farm / newborn or purchased/- gender, breed, ear tag number, selection number, etc.
  • Report every birth at the farm-parents and details about the newborn.
  • Keep track of each animal life cycle-growth phases, physical condition, group/ herd, location, etc.
  • Report and track production; Milk and meat cost and price.
  • Detailed coverage of the origin of the animals under selective control up to the 3d line/pedigree/ and more
  • Automatically and periodically “counting” of  the herds.
  • Weigh of the animals - periodical monitoring and control of animals’ weight.
  • Report  the animals feeding by groups/ herds. The program enables you to fill rations/ menus  in advance, following the appropriate recipes  / with quantities and unit price/.
  • Track and reflect data from everyday recurring activities such as animal dairy. You are able to make detailed description of quantity, milk bath/ tank, person in charge, etc. So the program generates reports about extracted animals’ milk.
  • Different types of reports or documents for all of the carried out activities  are generated automatically /possibly with prices and quantities/. Every Package of FermaWEB enables the export in Excel.
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